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Corsica’s path to autonomy completes new stage with French government deal

Agreement provides for island’s institutions to have regulatory capacity, does not specify how French right once again vocal in opposition The agreement between the French government and Corsican elected representatives on the inclusion of Corsican autonomy in the French Constitution brings the goal of a political power of its own …

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South Tyrol’s autonomists win but lose ground as right-wing independentists double votes

The SVP, the main autonomist party in South Tyrol, won the Provincial Council election once again, although the most notable development was the growth of the pro-independence right-wing forces, which share an anti-immigration viewpoint. Seventeen elections since 1948, seventeen wins. The SVP, the main autonomist party in South Tyrol, won …

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Thomas Benedikter: Autonomy in the Kurdish region will not disrupt Turkey, but makes country a better place

THOMAS BENEDIKTER is an economist and social researcher in Bozen (South Tyrol, Italy, 1957), graduated in Economics at the University of Munich (D) and in Political Economy at the University of Trento (I). Besides many years of professional activity in empirical social and economic research in his home region South …

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