Infowelat was launched in 2013 as an analytical platform spanning a diverse range of topics, mainly revolving around self-government of communities, language preservation and everything in relation to national rights. News and articles published aim, as a primary goal, to serve the reader with a holistic as well as specialised view of geopolitical situations and their effects on the humankind.

In this respect, InfoWelat specifically focuses on:
– Federalism, Autonomy and other Libertarian models for self-government
– The role of language in national struggles and in relation to national identity, as well as ways of preservation of marginalized or otherwise vulnerable languages.

In the context of the Kurdish identity, one of the integral goals of our informational platform is to ring the alarm bells, as the Kurdish language in Northern Kurdistan continues to suffer extreme marginalization.

Most of the content of Infowelat is published in Kurdish. However, we will include some interviews and other content in English too.

Infowelat is an independent website that has no ties with any political parties and/or organizations and is otherwise free from influence by any government, political movement or corporation.

Editor: Necat Ayaz

Contact: info@infowelat.com

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