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Hejir Rencberi: So hard dying in exile

Nine years had passed in exile since he left his hometown and he had lived in hopes of having a decent life during these long years. He thought all his efforts were in vain and he had no longer the desire to experience all this loneliness and suffering in this …

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Interview with Professor Abbas Vali

I am largely convinced that the political situation and the political movement in Iranian Kurdistan will primarily start as a cultural and social movement. Then, a kind of leadership will be emerging from this cultural, social development and if the situation permits, there will be new political force(s) in various …

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Kermanshah is a center for Kurdish Music

                              Înfowelat: Considering the existence of Ehl-i Heq believers and a different dialect of Kurdish which is open to Persian influence in this southernmost border of Kurdistan, is it possible to speak about very different religious …

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