22nd General Assembly of Kurdish National Congress held in The Hague/ANF

Kurdish congress highlights existential threats, advocates urgent unity

Kurdistan National Congress’ Adem Uzun underscored the existential threats facing Kurds in the Middle East, advocating an urgent national unity conference to safeguard their future.

“Either we disappear or we secure significant gains,” stated Adem Uzun at the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) meeting, stressing the existential threats facing Kurds as the Middle East undergoes significant turmoil, described as a ‘Third World War’. Uzun’s call for an urgent national unity conference aims to consolidate Kurdish strategic responses to regional conflicts.

During the 22nd General Assembly held in The Hague on Saturday, Uzun emphasised the need for Kurds to be aware of the severe implications of ongoing conflicts in Middle Eastern geopolitics. “The Middle East is forming a new system, and Kurdish rights are in jeopardy,” Uzun said, pointing out the strategic undermining by nations such as Turkey and Iran. These countries view the Kurdish liberation movement as a significant threat and are preparing operations to thwart Kurdish progress, he explained.

Moreover, the relevance of Abdullah Öcalan’s ideas was highlighted as vital for resolving the crises. “Öcalan’s approach offers a foundation for peace and stability in the region, yet his continued isolation is a broader assault on the Kurdish people,” added Remzi Kartal, co-chair of KONGRA-GEL.

22nd General Assembly of Kurdish National Congress held in The Hague/ANF

Both leaders called for immediate action to unify Kurdish efforts and strategise effectively, advocating for the proposed Kurdish National Unity Conference to be a decisive moment in consolidating Kurdish positions and responses to external pressures. They argued that without unity, the Kurdish cause would not be taken seriously internationally.

Over 200 delegates gathered to discuss political and social developments across the Kurdish regions during the KNK’s 22nd General Assembly. The Assembly, noted for its critical timing, was attended by the Governor of Sulaymaniyah (Sılemani), Heval Abubakir.

Nilüfer Koç, speaking on behalf of the presidium, emphasised the extraordinary period Kurdistan is undergoing, with significant diplomatic activity involving Ankara, Baghdad, Erbil (Hewler) and Washington, all aimed at the potential eradication of Kurdistan.

KNK Co-chair Ahmet Karamus warned of a part of the KRG preparing to join an “ominous alliance aimed at occupying Southern and Western Kurdistan”. He issued a direct call to the KDP: “Do not collaborate. End your cooperation with the Turkish state, which aims to commit genocide and massacre by occupying Rojava and Southern Kurdistan.”

Shex Şemal from the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) addressed the economic and political crisis in Kurdistan, advocating for unity among all Kurdish political forces as the path forward.

Remzi Kartal further critiqued the Turkish state’s quest for support as evidence of its vulnerability, emphasising the collapse of its policies and calling for fundamental decisions by the 22nd General Assembly in response to these challenges.


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