The misterious death of a Kurdish refugee in Switzerland

The misery of death of Kurdish refugee in Switzerland

The body of the Kurdish man who had applied for asylum in Switzerland was found eight months later. Emrah Adanir was a 26 years old from Kurdish region of Turkey was lost in August 2018 after had moved to Vilters Wangs asylum center in St. Gallen Canton.

Emrah Adanir had fought against ISIS in Syria before came to Switzerland.  He applied asylum in Switzerland in February 2018 as a ex-member of YPG in northern Syria called by the Kurds as Rojava. His family claimed that due to his health problems he came to Switzerland and had been seeking asylum there. His asylum request was rejected by Swiss authorities and aftermath he was sent to the Vilters Wangs asylum center.

Short after his transfer to the new center, he was lost in 14th of August. His family said that they informed the administration of Vilter Wang at the same day about incident but they were told that they should have make contact with cantonal police department 10 days later. Upon this phone call, the family filed an official application of complaint to St. Gallen Police Department at the required day. The police called back the family three months later and asked whether there had been any contact with their lost son since incident happened. The last time police called them was April 2nd when Adanir’s was found in the forest near the camp and the police informed the family about this incident.

Adanir’s body has still not found and many questions related to this incident remained to be answered yet. The main question in the mind of the family is that why Swiss media has not been informed about this incident until now. They have been also waiting for months to receive the personal belongings and the laptop of their died son.

Vilters Wangs asylum seekers center

Vilter Wangs asylum center is a place where the asylum seekers whom their asylum applications rejected are gathered. All these people brought here are aimed to be sent back to their countries.  

One of Adanir’s friend M.K. spoke on the condition of anonymity and claimed that the conditions in the center are so hard that many of the asylum seekers staying there face psychological problems. He also stated that the camp was far from the urban centers and they were isolated from the society.

This news first appeared in Turkish at ANF. This is the short of version of this news.   


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