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From survival to diaspora: the Yazidis in North Kurdistan

  By Borja G. Moya* A prefabricated building hosts the school of the Yazidi refugee camp, located 20 kilometers outside Amed, the capital of North Kurdistan (Turkey). On a wall, drawings and words written by girls and boys in Arabic script can be seen: even if Sinjar’s Yazidis speak Kurmanji …

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Turkey of refugees, among the Yazidis in Diyarbakır

        In Diyarbakır, southeastern Turkey, there are at least 20,000 refugees, including many Yazidis, who dream of reaching Europe.  Dimitri Bettoni | Diyarbakır 24 July 2015 Refugees’ camp – Anna Pazos In Diyarbakır, euphoria for the electoral results [of the parliamentary elections of June 7th, ed.] is …

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