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Turkey’s unions are dead, long live the cooperative?

By Joris Leverink On April 28, 2015 Accidents, killings, massacres: Turkish labor unions are helpless as thousands of workers die every year, while their bosses are shielded by the state. Photo by Bülent Kılıç. This article can be read in Turkish here. On May 13, 2014 an explosion occurred in a coal mine in Soma, a …

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Turkey coalmine disaster: accident or murder?

    By Pieter Verstraete On May 14, 2014 The explosion that killed hundreds of coalminers in Turkey was not a random accident; it was the direct consequence of a decade of neoliberalization. Not even two months ago you could hear Turkey’s urban middle class and youth shouting “thieves!” (hirsiz var!) at a …

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