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Professor Emeritus of International Politics Christodoulos Yiallourides: “Greeks and Kurds have similar existences regarding the preservation of their identities.”

The Turkish – Greek relations are extremely contentious in today’s world. In order to better understand this issue, Necat Ayaz interviewed Christodoulos Yiallourides, Professor Emeritus of International Politics and director of the Centre of Eastern Studies for Culture and Communication at the Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences . …

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All roads lead to Athens

Necat Ayaz Besides thousands of them have already crossed the dangerous waters of Maritsa river and the routes for islands, still thousands of them have been preparing themselves secretly in Greece’s eastern neighbor have been waiting the day of liberation from persecution. No matter from where they will cross the …

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The hard road to freedom

Necat Ayaz At the beginning of December, at midnight, they reached the proximity of the Turkish-Greek border with by a car. As soon as the car stopped, they got off very fast and, large backpacks and they headed towards the river. From the beginning of this journey which they believed …

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Self-organized solidarity in Athens fights for existence

Necat Ayaz City Plaza is an occupied hotel in the heart of Athens where nearly two hundred refugees are currently staying. The hotel is a self-organized place which means all the residents have the right and duty to participate in all the activities on a daily basis. Since 2016’ aproximately …

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