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Regime Change Refugees: On the Shores of Europe

    “Hypocrisy is central to elite Western ethics. It uses words like “freedom” and “equality” but mostly means its opposite. The freedom of human beings and equality between human beings is not relevant. More important is the freedom of Money. It is Money that cannot have its liberty impinged.” …

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Greece’s resounding OXI shakes Europe to the core

      By Jerome Roos On July 6, 2015 The outcome of Sunday’s historic referendum marks a historic victory for people power — but with euro exit looming, Greece’s future remains wide open. They tried everything. They shut down the banks. They imposed capital controls. They faked the polls. They spread rumors …

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The Nation State

  The state The State is a social contract, a guarantee of social order in exchange for which the citizens agree to reduce their freedom. According to Carré de Malberg, one of France’s leading constitutional scholars, “the state is a community of men attached to a territory with an organization, from which …

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EU-Parliament election on 25 May 2014

    A push for more regionalism or nationalism? On 25 May the EU-electorate has chosen a new EU-Parliament for the next 5 years. Ever since in such elections the turn-out has shrunken from poll to poll (in 2009 it reached just 43% in the whole EU), but this time …

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