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Save the Kurdish Institute of Paris

    The Kurdish institute is about to disappear, is in danger of dying! It has no more money. The best, the biggest Kurdish Institute, which represents 25 million Kurds — perhaps even 30, the only people without a State — the Institute is threatened. So, please, it must be …

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The Nation State

  The state The State is a social contract, a guarantee of social order in exchange for which the citizens agree to reduce their freedom. According to Carré de Malberg, one of France’s leading constitutional scholars, “the state is a community of men attached to a territory with an organization, from which …

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Faili Kurds or Pahla

Historically, the Al-Faili name was generated from the Arabic language, and the actual name was (Pahla), meaning Parthia, which was a kingdom that was based in the modern day of Iran, and it was contemporaneous with the Roman Empire. This change occurred due to the Arabic alphabet, that lacks the …

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Democratic assimilation of the Kurds in Turkey

  Dr. Hussein Tahiri Recent developments within Turkey’s mainstream political framework have led some to suggest an alternative strategy based on peaceful engagement might succeed where violence has failed. Indeed, the stunning electoral gain made by the Peoples’ Democratic Party, HDP, at the recent elections raises the question as to …

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